Dr. Mitra Babak
Specialist Consultant Psychotherapist & Researcher
English, Farsi, Arabic and Kurdish speaking


 DPsych/Doctorate in Psychotherapy : Metanoia and Middlesex University


MA in Psychotherapy: East London University (ELU)


Ba Hons/Dips, Clinical Integrative Supervisor, CPPD


WPA registered


Mitra Babak

میترا بابک

Mitra Babak


Mitra is a Specialist Consultant Psychotherapist since 1998, also recearcher, over 32 years for Culture, Languages, Religious and politics,  with her clinical practice experience in both the, 
private and public sectors. She developed and provided Middle Eastern Family Counselling Services (MEFCS) as a
special Middle Estern service for the first time while working for NHS (National Heath Service). She has also
worked with a charity organisation called Ethnic Alcohol Counselling in Hounslow (E.A.C.H.).  Since 2007 Mitra
developed and provided her own service named; Farsi Psycho-Educational Program (F.P.E.P).
Mitra has extensively studied and researched diverse aspects of Middle Eastern culture, social structures,
languages, religions and politics since 1987. During this time she also worked as a professional interpreter within
diverse fields interpreting in five major Middle Eastern languages. In addition to working with English speaking
clients Mitra is one of the few specialist consultants in the UK working with Farsi, Arabic and Kurdish speaking



Her Specialist Psychotherapy Practice, situated at Harley Street, is one of a few practices in London and the UK


specialising in Intervention Psychotherapy Programmes for the needs of Middle Eastern Families in the UK,


which is also the subject of her doctorate study is based on.


- Media Profile


Mitra reaches out to spread her knowledge and help more people through media.


    Reoccurring media appearances, where she discusses cases and gives guidance and suggestions :



  • Every Monday @ 18:30 GMT on 'Manoto TV' ( international satellite channel ), *click here.
  • Every Wednesdays & Sundays @ on "Arezo TV​" based on Afghanistan (Mazar Sharif) in (Sobhe Arezo program
        @7-9am  *click here.
    Other media appearances:


  • Satellite Persian TV (PARS) - Struggling with Fear in civil disobedience, social psychology and culture from a
       Middle Eastern point of view.
  • BBC Persian clips on Post Natal Depression (PND) - also she was interviewed by Arabic satellite TV “Alhwar”
  • She has also written articles on loss and anxiety for Iranian International newspaper ( Keyhan )
The Need for Middle Eastern Family Counselling Services


There is a large Middle Eastern population living in the UK. Some need therapy as they encounter a western
culture alien to their own culture. As a multi-lingual psychotherapist and researcher Mitra realized that
psychotherapy based on culture can be more effective to support the family and western society in general.  As
western countries have become vulnerable to fundamentalism, counselling and therapy with cultural knowledge
is very useful to guide and help families to adjust to their new western environment, and close the cultural gap/
cultural understanding. Cultural background and cultural differences between client and therapist play a crucial
role in the effectiveness of the therapeutic process.


- Services
Mitra provides her psychotherapy services on a one-to-one, couple, and family session basis specialising in
psychosexual therapy. This service enables clients to benefit from culturally aware counselling in their mother
tongue. She also operates weekly weekend workshop seminars designed for group psycho-educational therapy
which use role-plays, group discussions to challenge perceptions, cultural outlooks and provide education in
changing paradigms.


- Successful Results
Mitra has worked with a broad spectrum of clients and addressed many key issues obtaining very positive
outcomes from:
•  Building confidence and self esteem.
•  Returning to college/universities. and work
  Work related issues.
•  Developing new relationships with oneself and others.
•  Rekindling marriage relationships. or
•  Achieving emotionally healthy divorces
  Processing trauma due to history of war
 Sexual repression, sexual fears.
•  Relationship problems, including sexuality & sexual desire.
  Negating in-laws interference in relationships
  Abusive or Toxic relationships 
•  Cultural conflicts/irrational fears
  Correction of clinical misdiagnosis
•  Understanding the young generation, gaining new perception
•  Integration with other culture/religions.
  Stimulating a new social life ( The art of living) , broadening variation of adequate friends.
  Dealing with the process of bereavement
  Depression, anxiety/panic attack, anger management
•  Addiction, obsession (OCD) trauma (PTSD)
  Recovering from physical and mental sexual abuse,
  Self-harm and suicidal cases.
  Creating a new parenting environment for the needs of children